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OAM Appreciation

I want to thank all of you who have messaged me from far and wide over the past few days for being awarded an OAM. When I arrived in Bendigo from Kenya (via Alice Springs) at the age of 5, my aspirations were far fetched for a little brown kid missing two front teeth, with a big mouth; I was never a quiet Australian. My tenacious spirit often felt hemmed in at times by small [...]

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Gordon 2020 Teachers Summit – Diversity and Inclusion

Started the working year off with a presentation at the Gordon 2020 Teachers Summit in Geelong, presenting to a cohort of TAFE educators. I spoke about the application of Diversity & Inclusion in educational settings, highlighting the value of having diversity represented beyond the student body from, staff recruitment and HR policy, through to representative leadership. Am so thankful to the warm reception from the Gordon TAFE trainers and their wonderful teachers. A special shout [...]

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Protesting Against Modi

In whats being dubbed as the largest protest in world history - an estimated quarter billion people protesting PM Modi’s racist and economically punitive policies .. People speak up when governments whisper... See link: https://www.mintpressnews.com/largest-strike-world-history-millions-india-protest/263999/?fbclid=IwAR1Na10lMzJWhuEvOfkgO0ptjb2eEmE1IBOlbE8H7NK1Zaoj-phDFkQvqVk#.XhkjeT6xfAZ.facebook

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Drumming Up Fear to Win Favor

On Tonight's episode of 'The Drum': with Craig Reuchassel(host), Catherine Morrison, Paul Harcher (SMH) and Tasneem Chopra Do you have any concerns over the National Party allowing members linked to white supremacy and neo-Nazi movements, to explain their actions before being expelled? The NSW Nationals will write to 20 members asking them to justify why they should not be expelled from the party over their alleged links to white supremacist and alt-right movements. Plus, the [...]

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Voicing Waves on the Cape

Enjoyed some robust and critical discussions on ‘Voice of the Milennials’ for the ‘Voice of the Cape’FM program last night. Huge thanks to Irafaan Abrahams for arranging this opportunity for me. I was thrilled to speak with a panel of locally engaged activists on issues of: decolonisation, race, Indigenous dispossession, #metoo, females representation, multiculturalism in a post-truth era, and gender based violence. Listen here: The Voice of the Millennials Was impressed with such pertinent conversations occurring [...]

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TEDx Face of Tomorrow 

The calibre of my co-speakers at  tonights TEDx PaduaCollege, was exceptional. Georgia, Amelia, Bastian & Tim each brought personal insight and pathos to topics that affected them personally. From promoting critical thinking, consent & empathy, inclusivity of gendered identity and the onus of global citizenry- they had it covered well. Underlying themes of responsibility and making social change connected us all, as I spoke to structural racism and the individual cost. Congratulations Padua College for [...]

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Deconstructing The Weight of Hate

Last night at Benevolenceaustralia's 'Conversations' series, I facilitated the salient topic, "Islamophobia: Making Sense of the Senseless". All of us were grateful to BA for providing a safe space in which to explore reactions & strategies for navigating through a phenomenal climate of anxiety gripping Australian Muslims. An evening of sustained, intense discussion ensued of candid contributions from so many.  With a full house present, people spoke of their personal and professional observations- from places of [...]

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Vintage Moments on New Age Racism

Capturing a vintage Coburg moment, at Andres Cafe, talking racism, rallies, media and dog whistling policy- for 'iMigrant', by OPmedia with OmarPervaiz, film maker and multimedia artist.  This interview will inform a short clip about perceptions of racism perpetrated by government following comments made by immigration minister Peter Dutton last month. And the intersection of these comments giving credibility to to to fascist/ Neo nazi and racist individuals, buoyed by government policy on refugee policy.  [...]

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Coburg Rally- Hits a Nerve

Amid the insanity of a rally between Neo Nazi fascists and anti-racists in the heartland of multicultural Coburg, the sight of this sign on this kid, was the only moment to smile today. #hope The sight of tactical response team officers armed to the hilt, lining the streets, along with police officers cordoning off main roads and diverting traffic to 'allow protesters to pass through'- was a surreal and awful experience.  I'd decided to check [...]

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At the #AMESAustraliaStaffConference where I facilitated a training seminar on 'The ABC of Cultural Competence: Attitude, Behaviour& Conversation'.   I spoke to issues of bias, stereotypes, inclusivity, work based policy that recognised CALD values, cultural collateral , attracting and modelling diversity and authentic representation.  Thanks to Diana, Sophia and the incredible AMES team for such seamless and professional support.   Every aspect of this event was expertly executed - and the audiences engaging and switched [...]

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