Today I moderated a panel with amazing legends- @nyadolnyuon , @priyaserrao and Toolsika Rawoah for the @futurefemaleconference 2020.

Out topic was ‘women’s rights and safety around the world’:

“Since women’s rights movements alongside civil rights movements started in the 1900s, many achievements have made to secure our fundamental, equal human rights. Feminism has evolved and adjusted with political and social needs to achieve more inclusive goals for all. Yet, it is still a work in progress in Australia and significant parts of the world.What are the various pathways towards equality taken in different cultures and the the roles of future female and male leaders in realising this vision”

Congratulations to @belle_x19 and the exemplary team at CISA, Study Melbourne and their generous sponsors, for getting behind this worthy initiative.

Registrations for this three day conference numbering over 1000 are testament to the need for a platform by WOC for WOC, navigating safe spaces to canvas issues that matter.

In our panel, we discussed political participation, responding to GBV, patriarchy across borders, media influencers, influencing policy process, overcoming taboo talks, passive activism, resourcing of culturally sensitive support services and managing self care in a ‘woke’ centred climate.

This was a robust discussion which I was privileged to be a part of and gained so much from.

Thank you, all. The Future is Female and for that, am incredibly grateful and emboldened. #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant #diversityandinclusion #representationmatters #endviolenceagainstwomen #endmisogyny #endracism #blacklivesmatter #endxenophobia #endmisogyny #endpatriarchy