Public Speaking with Impact & Media Skills workshops

Become a confident speaker with customised strategies and feedback

Tasneem is eloquent, passionate and inspiring.

Absolutely wonderful speaker – dynamic and insightful. More please!

Department of Human Affairs

Do you want to own the stage or media spotlight?


Do you dream of becoming a brilliant and masterful public speaker?

Learn from a compelling and highly experienced speaker skilled at capturing the audience’s attention.

Do you want to learn the unique techniques and tools that only accomplished speakers know and use?

Boost your public speaking confidence with Tasneem’s Speaking with Impact workshops delivered online or in person.

You’ll learn how to create memorable messages, communicate in a way that helps your audience remember you, and leave your audience wanting more. You’ll also receive customised feedback on your speaking performance.

Boost your public speaking skills

Career Highlights

Boost Communication Skills

Public speaking is rated as the most important skill in business

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Increased ability to think critically, solve problems, conduct and analyse research

Fine Tune Communication Skills

Become a better communicator through expert assessment and feedback.

Be Confident in the Spotlight

Become comfortable with speaking in public by learning tried and tested expert strategies

Be More Persuasive

Learn how to deliver your message in a way that influences and persuades others

Increased Personal and Professional Growth

If you aspire to leadership positions, then learning how to speak in public or to the media is critical

Who should attend these workshops?

✔️ Individuals wanting to build their confidence and/or competence in speaking in public or to the media

✔️ Emerging leaders looking to raise their profile through public speaking

✔️ Young leaders

✔️ Young PoC

✔️ Women of colour

✔️ Councils aiming to empower community organisations

*Workshops are run in groups of 7-10 participants minimum

Be the type of speaker that leaves audiences wanting more

Speak with Impact in public or the media


Tasneem’s Speaking with Impact workshops are customised to participants’ abilities and are highly interactive. It aims to boost your confidence and competence at presenting in public or in the media.

She combines years of experience as a keynote speaker and media presenter to bring you customised strategies and feedback to improve your public speaking skills.

What’s included

Learn about your audience


Choose the right topic aligned with your expertise

Expert critique and feedback

Client appreciation

Thanks for organising the speaker series in conjunction with BCG.

They were great…..Tasneem Chopra was easily the most impressive speaker of the entire series!”

Boston Consulting Group

Your insightful and thought-provoking speech not only set the tone for the day but generated a great deal of discussion amongst the participants.

It inspired schools to develop greater understanding of tackling intersectionality and realise the importance of intercultural knowledge, diversity in leadership, and opportunities for action for their schools.

I personally took a lot from your words and have been thinking about your presentation ever since, particularly in terms of my role as a leader in supporting an education system that is supportive of, and empowering for, students from all backgrounds.

Department of Education

Tasneem was both engaging and funny! She had a great life story to tell and I was in awe of how much she is involved with and how much she does!

Very inspiring presentation – humourous and thought-provoking.

What an amazing person! She held the audience completely and gave me many food for thought moments.

Very intuitive and a great speaker who engaged well with the group.

LGPro Women’s Professional Development Forum

Absolutely wonderful speaker – dynamic and insightful. More please!

Department of Human Services

Be a more confident and competent speaker