Tasneem Chopra OAM

Helping business, not-for-profit and government become culturally competent, diverse and inclusive.

A multicultural and diverse workforce financially outperforms non-diverse teams

Is your organisation lagging behind when it comes to cross cultural competencies, gender equity, diversity and inclusion?

Need engagement audits and strategies to help you communicate better with diverse communities?

OR you recognise that having a diverse workforce is important, are already making small improvements and want to keep the conversation going?

McKinsey research shows companies with diverse teams, especially at executive level, deliver higher profitability (35%), helps improve a brand’s reputation (58%) and increases creativity and problem solving (59%).

In a world that’s grappling with unexpected challenges, a diverse and inclusive workforce can be the difference between your organisation’s success and failure.

Are you ready to develop a more diverse, inclusive and equitable organisation?

Let’s get started.

Creating a more inclusive Australia – Tasneem’s story


Cross Cultural Competency training

Help your workforce understand cultural norms, communicate and interact with people from different cultures.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion trainer

Transform your recruitment and employee management practices to be more inclusive and diverse.

Use engagement audits to assess how effective your communications and strategies are.

Keynote Speaker

Riveting keynote speeches on diversity, identity and belonging, multiculturalism, inclusivity, gender equity and social justice issues.

Public Speaking with Impact & Media Skills workshop

Learn how to capture your audience’s attention and hold it until the end. Handle the media spotlight confidently.

Panel Moderator & MC

Expert panel moderator and charismatic MC to elevate your next discussion or event (online and in person)

Media Presenter

Media expert on culture, gender, identity, gender based violence, women of colour representation, social justice issues, diversity and multiculturalism.

Ambassador & Board Director

Promoting and creating pathways and frameworks dedicated to diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism.

Author & Writer

Contributor to journals and anthologies. Quoted and published in SBS Voices, The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald and The Washington Post among others.


About Tasneem Chopra OAM

As a Cross Cultural Consultant, Diversity Equity & Inclusion trainer, Tasneem Chopra OAM helps your organisation approach diversity, equity and inclusion for long term success.

She works with business, governments, not-for-profits, educators and private clients to deliver online and in-person training.

Tasneem also serves as Ambassador and Board Director for a number of organisations, hosts the Strengths Untold Podcast, writes articles and opinion pieces for newspapers and other outlets, and contributes to various journals and anthologies.

She often appears on TV, podcasts and radio to share her expertise.

Her ultimate goal is to help ensure that diversity and inclusivity become an integral part of how an organisation does business (Business As Usual BAU).

She has developed diversity, equity and inclusive (DE&I) policies, managed projects such as curating exhibitions, running youth leadership programs, and executing strategies on behalf of government and business clients.

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Client appreciation

We really enjoyed your keynote speech on inclusive leadership, particularly around disrupting systems of privilege, making the most of multicultural talent and moving from tolerance to understanding. Thank you for also sharing your personal experiences.

And thank you for being part of the panel. We have heard glowing feedback about this discussion, and there was a genuine sense of engagement from the audience. Your advice and insights made for an extremely valuable discussion.

From myself and the team here at MAQ, thank you for making the second Speaker Series forum another successful event.

Multicultural Affairs Queensland & Engagement

Tasneem has a fresh approach to delivering diversity and inclusivity training which we can hopefully build on in future.

Well-spoken and passionate about the areas she consults on, she has a lot of experience and delivered some nuggets of wisdom we need to embed into our thinking, e.g. “If we’re not consciously inclusive then we’re deliberately exclusive”.

We do need to ensure that the decision-makers are representative of the people they make decisions for, for example higher level management and working groups need to include, or be informed by, those who will be users of that service or affected by that project.

It also made me think about how we’re communicating, and how we make the opportunity to contribute accessible not only to people who speak various languages in different proficiencies, but to those who have different levels of ability and disability, varying access to technology or who are disengaged with the council.

Southern Grampians Shire Council

On behalf of the students and staff of Minaret College, I wish to thank you for visiting to our college and sharing your personal and professional stories.

Students were left with an understanding of how moments from their lives and simple observations can lead to a wonderful story. Thank you so much for your excellent presentation.

Your ability to work with a large group of students was very impressive and allowed a fun experience for the children to fully participate in sharing your ideas. I have received a lot of positive feedback from the students and teachers on your ability to reach out and capture such a diverse audience.

I have never seen our students so excited and so highly engaged during your speech and video you shared with us. Your words of wisdom were very powerful and profound. They gave us many opportunities to think and self reflect.

Minaret College

Thanks for organising the speaker series in conjunction with BCG. They were great…Tasneem Chopra was easily the most impressive speaker of the entire series!

We are extremely grateful to you for having brought the diversity lens to the forefront of the discussion and I think everyone is in heated agreement that diversity on boards leads to better decision making and there is certainly an appetite for change.

You generously shared many thought provoking insights, ideas and leadership experience with our attendees of NFP Directors, CEOs, Observers & alumni.

Boston Consulting Group

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