Cross Cultural Competency training

Helping organisations communicate with and lead a diverse workforce successfully and profitably.

Developing culturally competent leadership is crucial for workplace cultures where people from all backgrounds feel heard, represented, valued and bring their whole selves to work.

Tasneem Chopra OAM

There’s an untapped asset hidden inside your organisation


It’s the skills, knowledge and talents of your diverse workforce.

According to McKinsey, ethnically and culturally diverse companies are 36% more profitable than non-diverse companies.

A culturally competent leadership skilled in bringing together employees from different backgrounds helps the organisation gain a competitive edge and profitability over time.

It also creates a more socially cohesive and positive environment where employees feel increasingly engaged with their employer boosting overall productivity.

Cultural competency is predicted to be one of the top ten skills for the future for work. Cultural Competency training customised to your organisation’s needs can help you be future-ready.

Benefits of Cultural Competency Skills

Attract Diverse Talent

67% of job hunters value diversity when choosing employers

Competitive Edge

Higher chance of success when expanding into new markets overseas

New Perspectives

Different perspectives lead to creative problem solving and new product / service development

Reduce Employee Turnover

Helps to retain employees and reduce associated recruitment costs

Higher Productivity and Profitability

Happier and more productive employees

Increased Personal and Professional Growth

Exposure to new skills and approaches to work plus create a global network

Open and Inclusive Environment

Employees feel able to speak up and contribute

Fosters Integration

Teams work cohesively, independent of location. Improves knowledge transfer

Overcome Communication Challenges

Helps employees understand, manage and interpret verbal and non-verbal language e.g. cultural cues

Need Cultural Competency Training?

What’s Included in Cultural Competency Training

Discuss what cultural competencies currently exist in the workplace

Does your organisation reflect the demographic you represent?

Find ways of doing better

Emulate best practice models

Financial costs of doing something vs not doing anything

Q & A component to answer questions from participants

Recognise misinformation and resistance to embracing diversity

Desired outcomes:
Gain a better understanding of your organisation’s cultural competency knowledge gaps, and create strategies to develop a more culturally competent team.

Tailored Workshops

Woke Culture at Work: Tackling solutions to racial inequity in organisations serious about inclusion


Identity and Belonging

Deconstructing Toxic Masculinity

Anti-Racism 101

Staying Out of Your Lane

Why Multiculturalism Matters

Ending Gender Based Violence

Custom Workshops Available

Professional development training for educators

Tasneem provides Cultural Competency training for educators on how to engage and communicate effectively with:

  • students from diverse and multicultural backgrounds
  • international students


Educators are better able to communicate with culturally diverse students, appreciate their specific challenges and improve teaching outcomes.


Client appreciation

Tasneem was really approachable, professional and understood my concerns straight away.

It was great to have her professional reassurance and leave with some practical advice (short term and long term) which I felt confident to implement.

I would definitely recommend Tasneem’s support for leadership strategies.


Your insightful and thought-provoking speech not only set the tone for the day but generated a great deal of discussion amongst the participants.

It inspired schools to develop greater understanding of tackling intersectionality and realise the importance of intercultural knowledge, diversity in leadership, and opportunities for action for their schools.

I personally took a lot from your words and have been thinking about your presentation ever since, particularly in terms of my role as a leader in supporting an education system that is supportive of, and empowering for, students from all backgrounds.

Department of Education

Great session and privileged to hear Tasneem’s personal story.

What stuck with me were the statements: “Bad things happen when good people say and do nothing”. And “Seek the good where you find it”.

For me, Tasneem’s presentation reinforced my understanding and tolerance of cultural and religious diversity.

Leadership can be demonstrated through a variety of approaches, but the speaker showed that having a passion for what you believe in, as well as having a “can do” attitude, can make all the difference.

Family Relationships Institute, Adelaide

I loved the way Tasneem peeled back the layers of stereotyping and perceptions that inhibit all of us.

I appreciated the open, personal way in which she shared her experiences and knowledge.

Please continue your talks; they make a difference!

Judicial College of Victoria

Develop Your Organisation’s Cultural Competency Skills