Client Testimonials

“Your hosting was seamless and you truly made every element of the event so smooth and brilliant.”

– The Wheeler Centre Management

“Your hosting was seamless and you truly made every element of the event so smooth and brilliant.”

– The Wheeler Centre Management

“I have found Tasneem to be an insightful thinker, polished performer, articulate, well informed, and diligent in meeting deadlines. She accomplishes diverse tasks (including research, drafting of reports, conduct of workshops, public speaking) reliably, insightfully and with commitment. Her presentations are well prepared; she argues her case clearly and cogently. I know that many of her colleagues are similarly impressed with the quality of all that she does.”

– Emeritus Professor Camilleri OAM, La Trobe University

“Over a number of years Tasneem’s multifaceted contribution to conferences, forums and a range of community and professional projects reveals an outstanding capacity to compile, digest and evaluate a large and varied body of information, from which she distils useful pathways for dealing with a range of social and cultural problems. Her work on issues of racism, islamophobia, and women’s rights is widely known and appreciated”

– Alexandria Agenda

“After watching the video of our Pursuing Justice: Human Rights in an Age of Crisis, I’m struck by the first class – engaging, warm, easily across the issues – role you played. Thanks for being such a wonderful conductor.”

– Stuart Rees AM, Professor, Emeritus, University of Sydney & Inaugural Director Sydney Peace Foundation

“Tasneem was really approachable, professional and understood my concerns straight away. It was great to have her professional reassurance and leave with some practical advice (short term and long term) which I felt confident to implement.
I would definitely recommend Tasneem’s support for leadership strategies.”

– A UK NFP Client who engaged my services in diversity and inclusion strategies per organisational change management.

“Tasneem moderated the Cultural Diversity in Ageing’s Care to Communicate Conference in 2021. She was professional, kind and informative, giving insight into the complex issues facing the aged care sector whilst holding the space for robust and sensitive discussions all whilst being able to weave the day into a fine tapestry of conversation. We would highly recommend Tasneem for future events.”

– Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing, 2021 Conference Moderator

“Thanks for organising the speaker series in conjunction with BCG. They were great…Tasneem Chopra was easily the most impressive speaker of the entire series!

We are extremely grateful to you for having brought the diversity lens to the forefront of the discussion and I think everyone is in heated agreement that diversity on boards leads to better decision making and there is certainly an appetite for change.

You generously shared many thought provoking insights, ideas and leadership experience with our attendees of NFP Directors, CEOs, Observers & alumni.”

– Boston Consulting Group, ‘Governance & Volatility Panel’ Oct, 2020

“On behalf of ASEAN Society, I would like to thank you again for talking to us about diversity and anti-racism. Your passion really showed the importance of these topics and many of the things you discussed truly resonated with others and I. Cultural immersion would not have been the same without you!”


“Your insightful and thought-provoking speech not only set the tone for the day but generated a great deal of discussion amongst the participants. It inspired schools to develop greater understanding of tackling intersectionality and realise the importance of intercultural knowledge, diversity in leadership, and opportunities for action for their schools. I personally took a lot from your words and have been thinking about your presentation ever since, particularly in terms of my role as a leader in supporting an education system that is supportive of, and empowering for, students from all backgrounds.”

– J. Blackwell, Department of Education, International Education Division and the Department of Education and Training: Keynote, Global Learning and Engagement Symposium 2019

“On behalf of the students and staff of Minaret College, I wish to thank you for visiting to our college and sharing your personal and professional stories. Students were left with an understanding of how moments from their lives and simple observations can lead to a wonderful story. Thank you so much for your excellent presentation. Your ability to work with a large group of students was very impressive and allowed a fun experience for the children to fully participate in sharing your ideas. I have received a lot of positive feedback from the students and teachers on your ability to reach out and capture such a diverse audience.

I have never seen our students so excited and so highly engaged during your speech and video you shared with us. Your words of wisdom were very powerful and profound. They gave us many opportunities to think and self reflect.”

– Roohi Ghauri & Farah Kausar, Librarians, Minaret College, August, 2019

“On behalf of the students, teachers, and administrators of Minaret College, we wish to thank you for taking the time to visit our school. It was a pleasure meeting you and listening to your motivational speech. I have never seen our students so excited and so highly engaged during your speech and video you shared with us. Your words of wisdom were very powerful and profound. They gave us many opportunities to think and self-reflect.”

– Minaret College

“Tasneem has a fresh approach to delivering diversity and inclusivity training which we can hopefully build on in future. Well-spoken and passionate about the areas she consults on, she has a lot of experience and delivered some nuggets of wisdom we need to embed into our thinking, e.g. “If we’re not consciously inclusive then we’re deliberately exclusive”. We do need to ensure that the decision-makers are representative of the people they make decisions for, for example higher level management and working groups need to include, or be informed by, those who will be users of that service or affected by that project. It also made me think about how we’re communicating, and how we make the opportunity to contribute accessible not only to people who speak various languages in different proficiencies, but to those who have different levels of ability and disability, varying access to technology or who are disengaged with the council.”

– L. Kearney, Southern Grampians Shire Council, February 2019

“Tasneem, we really enjoyed your keynote speech on inclusive leadership, particularly around disrupting systems of privilege, making the most of multicultural talent and moving from tolerance to understanding. Thank you for also sharing your personal experiences.

And thank you for being part of the panel. We have heard glowing feedback about this discussion, and there was a genuine sense of engagement from the audience. Your advice and insights made for an extremely valuable discussion.

From myself and the team here at MAQ, thank you for making the second Speaker Series forum another successful event.”

– W. Briscoe, Executive Director, Multicultural Affairs Queensland & Engagement

“Tasneem was both engaging and funny! She had a great life story to tell and I was in awe of how much she is involved with and how much she does!”

“Tasneem was amazing, she has a lovely and articulate way to raise issues and results.”

“Great mix if seriousness and hope for a better future.”

“Tasneem was both engaging and funny! She had a great life story to tell and I ws in awe of how much she is involved with and how much she does! I don’t know where she fits it all in!”

“Tasneem was very funny/entertaining.”

“Very inspiring presentation – humourous and thought-provoking.”

“Absolutely sensational presentation, extremely inspirational.”

“Really insightful and interesting discussion.”

“What am amazing person! She held the audience completely and gave me many food for thought moments.”

“Wow what a great speaker, content was fantastic.”

“Very intuitive and a great speaker who engaged well with the group.”

– Participant Feedback at 2019 LGPro Women’s Professional Development Forum

“The Year 6s and 7s were so lucky for Tasneem Chopra, an acclaimed activist and artist, to take a moment of her time to talk to us. She opened our eyes to the world of art and activism and shared with us many captivating anecdotes of artists who use their platform to make a difference. Tasneem’s passion for her work is clear, and she presented issues and thoughts that required us to ponder deeply and reflect upon society. Her down-to-earth and empowering speech inspired our own artworks for change and allowed us to gain a new perspective of the meaning of art and how this has an impact on the world we live in.”

– Elise Curry, Year 7, Ruyton Girls College

“I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to be a part of our first ever virtual Curious Conversations: Religion and Faith panel.

It was so wonderful for us to hear your thoughts on some important issues with actionable tips on how we can help address them, as well as stories of your own experiences. We’ve had amazing feedback from the Bainies that attended, so thank you again for making the panel so special.”

– Bain & Company, 2020

“The women were in awe! The takeaway quote for the day was ‘don’t just set the table make sure you have a seat at it’ you should patent that!! Cause I’m using it from now on!”

– Romany Amarasingham, City of Hume, 2019

“Great session and privileged to hear Tasneem’s personal story. What stuck with me were the statements: ‘Bad things happen when good people say and do nothing’. And ‘Seek the good where you find it’.

For me, Tasneem’s presentation reinforced my understanding and tolerance of cultural and religious diversity.

Leadership can be demonstrated through a variety of approaches, but the speaker showed that having a passion for what you believe in, as well as having a “can do” attitude, can make all the difference.”

– Family Relationships Institute, Adelaide

“I loved the way Tasneem peeled back the layers of stereotyping and perceptions that inhibit all of us. I appreciated the open, personal way in which she shared her experiences and knowledge. Please continue your talks; they make difference.”

– Judicial College of Victoria

“Absolutely wonderful speaker – dynamic and insightful. More please!”

– Department of Human Services

“It was an absolute honour and privilege to have you as a guest speaker at our expo. Thank you so much for giving that positive message! It was great for students to hear from an expert that having a second language and culture is actually a strength, and an advantage for them in the job market of today and the future.”

– Ilim College

“This was phenomenal and recording should be shared far and wide. Thank you.”

“Great thought-provoking discussion of incredible importance.”

“Thank you for opening up and sharing your stories with us. These are such important topics that help us all to come closer to a collective understanding.”

“This presentation needed to be much longer. The knowledge that these women have and the way they presented it was so impactful. I could have been tuned in and vigorously taking notes for another hour without blinking (or so it feels). I would love to hear more from them about this topic and would love to see more information like this.”

“Absolutely Exceptional discussion. This should have been a keynote/fireside. They were great!”

“They were a dynamic duo! Bring them back!”

“This is such an important topic. I wish it had been given more time. Please bring it back to Conference in 2021.”

“I got a page full of notes from this one!”

“Wonderful conversation.”

“Great suggestion on adding diversity to the boards and connecting to KPI, to implement changes verses a token diversity consultant. Good simple ideas like look at your bookshelf and who wrote the books, is is primarily from a white (male or female) lens, make changes to listen to other diverse voices.”

“We barely scratched the surface of this complex and complicated topic, and the time flew by! Looking forward to more conversations of this nature, and would love to see this team do a series of some kind.”

“We need to have more conversations like this one.”

“Great presentation… speakers were very engaging.”

“Great start to a conversation that needs to continue in all areas of our lives.”

“I would have loved for this conversation to have gone on longer. It would have been nice to have them answer questions from the audience. Loved it!”

“I hope they do more sessions together and can help show things evolve and not make this a moment in time but our way forward.”

“Excellent discussion – could have been a lot longer. The speakers where knowledgeable and engaging.”

“Really great session – please consider making this available to all members at some point. It’s really insightful and meaningful.”

“Such a good and timely message.”

“I liked the examples they gave. Maybe next time they could focus a bit more on how to evaluate how/if internal D&I-related changes are working, such a what processes and KPIs could look like to set up a strong case for continued positive change within the organization.”

“Thanks for this powerful session!”

“Very happy that this presentation was included in this year’s conference, but also disappointed that this was really the only session that touched upon the current issues surrounding race + equity in the workplace/communications (while there are plenty of sessions on COVID-19) Is it simply a matter of timing, or is COVID-19 easier to talk about for the presenters of this conference?”

“This was an excellent discussion! This needs to be prioritized for next year. These women should be a keynote. Thank you for adding this to your programming this year.”

“It was so refreshing to talk about the elephant in the room. I wish this session was longer. Really enjoyed it! :)”

“Easily – this was the highlight presentation of the conference. Thank you.”

– Audience Feedback at the ‘Woke Culture in the Workplace’, Online Forum for Global Conference, International Association for Business Communications, 2020