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Tasneem Chopra OAM

Tasneem Chopra OAM is a prolific writer and author whose work has been published widely online, in journals and anthologies and in print – in Australia and overseas.


She writes on topics impacting current affairs and politics, identity and belonging, gender equity, human rights and minorities. Tasneem has written for and featured in SBS Voices, ABC News, Bendigo Advertiser, The Mandarin, Herald Sun and Sydney Morning Herald and others.

She has contributed her insights and experiences to academic research, biography anthologies, public issues and narrative ventures.

Areas of Expertise

Current Affairs & Politics

Gender Based Violence


Gender Equity and Impact


Diversity & Inclusion

Identity & Belonging


Community Engagement

Faith and Religion

Inclusive Leadership, Diversity and Implicit Bias

Media Representation

Wellbeing & Resilience

Social Cohesion

Women of Colour Representation

Tasneem’s Experience

New Book! Muslim Women and Agency: an Australian Context – 2021

Editors: Ghena Krayem and Susan Carland

Muslim women’s freedom, or assumed lack thereof, has long been a Western obsession. Almost never do we ask, what does agency look like to Muslim women? Who or what do they think constrains them, and how do they challenge that? Focussing on the little-researched area of the Australian Muslim community, this book brings together for the first time diverse accounts from Australian Muslim researchers, leaders, and community workers to interrogate how Muslim women understand, experience, and fight for agency. Academic and activist, personal and political, this ground-breaking book features the people at the centre of the debate.

Contributors are Feda Abdo, Amira Aftab, Mahsheed Ansari, Fadi Baghdadi, Susan Carland, Tasneem Chopra, Mehreen Faruqi, Derya Iner, Balawyn Jones, Souha Korbatieh, Ghena Krayem, Mehal Krayem and Ayah Wehbe



Human Rights, Out of Sight: The Americanisation of Detainees in Australian Detention” in “The New Colonialism: the American Model of Human Rights (2019)



Beyond Burqas, Bombs and Bogeymen: Australian Muslims and the Media. Griffith Journal of Law and Human Dignity (2015)



Beyond Burqas, Bombs and Bogeymen: Australian Muslims and the Media. Griffith Journal of Law and Human Dignity (2015)



How I Happened.
‘Coming of Age – Growing Up Muslim in Australia (2014)



Foreword in Modest Street Fashion

In the Media

As a writer and commentator, Tasneem has been commissioned and written opinion pieces for a range of publications. She has also been interviewed in print, radio, television and online.

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