I want to thank all of you who have messaged me from far and wide
over the past few days for being awarded an OAM.

When I arrived in Bendigo from
Kenya (via Alice Springs) at the age of 5, my aspirations were far fetched for a little brown kid missing two front teeth, with a big mouth; I was never a quiet Australian. My tenacious spirit often felt hemmed in at times by small town expectations.

Despite lofty ambitions, I would never have imagined that more than four decades on I’d be where I am.

Importantly, I acknowledge any gains I have made are due to the collective efforts of mentors, trail blazers and changemakers in this country; my sheroes. They spur me onward to end social, cultural and political inequities.

Cannot wait to continue fighting the good fight together and never keeping quiet.

Thank you so much, once again