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But Where Are You Really From?

Tonight I presented a keynote address for the Human Rights Forum, ‘Where Are You Really From’- held by @cityofgreaterbendigo and @zindafestival .  Following my keynote, a superb panel discussion ensued about identity & belonging and how navigating these issues affects our human rights. Facilitated by Kate McInnes (LCMS), my copanellists included Rodney (Dja Dja Warrung leader), Lisa Chesters MP, Sonia Vignjevic (VMC), Moustapha Al Rawi (resident) and myself. Audience participation was high, indicating a passion [...]

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Colonising Human Rights- an American Analysis

This weekend  I presented at in London for the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) @ihrcgallery in Euston.  The Conference was called: The New Colonialism – The American Model of Human Rights, 2018 Speakers and presentations comprised of- Panel 1: Saeid Reza Ameli: American Human Rights Exceptionalism or American Human Destruction: Cultural and Physically Genocide of "Others" - Either You are With US or You Don’t Have Rights of Life  Mary Ryan: The Kerner Commission and [...]

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Freedom of Speech is not Freedom of Responsibility- ALHR  Conference 2017

Enjoyed a brilliant panel and presentation today at the #australianlawyersforhumanrights2017 conference. Speaking alongside Barrister and Indigenous activist, Tim Goodwin and former Tasmanian Anti- Discrimination Commissioner, Robin Banks- we addressed the topic of "Freedom of Speech: International Human Rights & the Current Australian Dialogue".  A salient and robust conversation about 18C, Islamophobia, privilege, power, right wing conservatives and the rise of racism amidst complicit political leaders. Pretty incredible session- thank you ALHR! . I am EVER [...]

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Women at the Frontline

At the Australian Muslim Women's Centre for Human Rights, AGM. Celebrating an incredible year of service delivery and outcomes. Chairing this organisation continues to be a privelege, knowing the remarkable gains the team make in affecting meaningful change in the lives of thousands of women over the years, through empowerment. Projects combatting sectarian divide, isolation, racism and domestic violence- to name but a few work areas for AMWCHR.

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Ending violence is a strategic fight

On June 13th, as Chairperson of the Australian Muslim Women's Centre for Human Rights (AMWCHR), we launched 'Working with Muslim Women on the effects of family violence and child sexual abuse on children'. This guide considers the migration, cultural and familial contexts of the impact of family violence and sexual assault on children from a Muslim background. It's aim is to support workers from the community sector to design and run workshops that effectively meet [...]

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