This weekend  I presented at in London for the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) @ihrcgallery in Euston. 
The Conference was called: The New Colonialism – The American Model of Human Rights, 2018
Speakers and presentations comprised of-
Panel 1:

Saeid Reza Ameli: American Human Rights Exceptionalism or American Human Destruction: Cultural and Physically Genocide of “Others” – Either You are With US or You Don’t Have Rights of Life 
Mary Ryan: The Kerner Commission and the Domination of White Supremacy in the US Federal Government 
Sandew Hira: The American concepts of human rights: a decolonial critique 
 Laurens de Rooij: Anti-Muslim Sentiments and Human Rights in American Media Discourses 
Saeed A Khan: Coordinated Attacks on Human Rights Through Sovereign and Corporate Complicity on Water Exploitation: The Case of American Government Action and Nestlé
Panel 2:

Ramon Grosfoguel: The Human Rights Regime or How to Practice Colonialism using false ‘Humanitarian’ causes – 
Sohail Daulatzai: 50 Years of Boomerang
Tasneem Chopra: Human Rights, Out of Sight: The Americanisation of Detainees in Australian Detention 
Rajeesh Kumar: From Bush to Trump: American Exceptionalism and its implications for Multilateralism

I wish to thank IHRC for this pivotal opportunity to discuss these concerns collaboratively with nine speakers from six different countries forging perspectives all rich in experience.
Findings overall demonstrated the need to decolonize thinking, education and strategies before an abrogation of human rights violations could be upended in colonial settings. While the content informing these issues is enraging, the activists contributing to its solution should inspire us all into action. #endislamophobia #endxenophobia #endracism #decolonize #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant #ihrc #conference