Hello, 2020.

Seeing things in 20/20 as we walk away from 2019, fraught with its bumps & bruises.. •May 2020 see your expectations soar, exceptionally •May there be clarity in black & white and enjoyment in technicolor •May curve balls be met head on and annihilated with a click  •May love, sleep and avocados be yours in healthy supply. And may any disappointments, heartache and pain you experienced in 2019, be laid to rest. Above all, may [...]

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ModMarkit hits the Mark

Last nights #modmarkit fashion parade in Melbourne, ticked all the boxes- from concept and content to setup and execution. It was a stellar salute to modest fashion labels/designers across the country, featuring exquisite designs, styles and moods- from the elegant to subversive; a brilliant meld. Congratulations   to all involved, including Zulfiye Tufa, for identifying this niche and bringing it to bear so beautifully. Lastly, massive kudos to the models- showcasing a range of body shapes, [...]

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Eyes on the Blake Prize 

The Curators Club.. Standing with Lyndel Winschel (Kinross) and Adam Porter (Casula Powerhouse) following this mornings Symposium on 'The Divine Image' for the 64th Blake Prize Touring exhibition, at the Kinross Arts & Spirituality Centre.  The preliminary panel discussion examined 'affectation' in art, how interpretations are not absolute & how art is provocative, evocative, political and spiritual depending on what side of the cultural divide you exist. Robust conversation and insightful observations ensued about many [...]

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Maticevski Courts Dark Elegance

Attended the launch of 'Dark Wonderlands'- an exhibition showcasing the couture masterpieces of Australian design icon, Toni Maticevski at the #BendigoArtGallery last night, following Day 2 of the Bendigo Writers Festival. I can say with certainty, I've not attended such a couture laden event of this calibre in MY LIFE. Nor have I ever felt so underdressed, out of place and intrigued all at the same time!! From the liquorice macaroons to the guests swanning [...]

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Heaven to Heaven in Melbourne 

Last night saw the launch of 'Heaven to Heaven' - an exhibition held at Kinross Arts Centre in partnership with the @islamicmuseumaustralia. This event comprised a spectacular collection of photography capturing the raw pathos of the Arbaeen, by photographer Tom Toby of @wildfireimages as well as a compelling documentary by director, Sayyad Hamid Mostaja. This documentary is scheduled to feature on the ABC in the near future.  As Curator of the IMA, I was invited [...]

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Face to Face with Democracy

Now for something a little different.. 'Face Up' is an interactive experience that celebrates Australia's vibrant democracy and the power of your voice within it.  This exhibition will be projecting in King’s Hall for the next year or so. Every three months the Museum changes the four ‘provocations’ of democracy. Currently they have ‘Checks and Balances’, ‘Rights and Obligations’, ‘A Fair Go’ and ‘It’s the Vibe’ (a reference to the movie The Castle and the [...]

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Fashion Diplomacy, in the Fashion Capital

Today at the Sofitel in Melbourne, I was thrilled to be attending the Wardah -Succeeding Together: An Australia-Indonesia Collaboration event. Fashion diplomacy with panache. Showcasing designs from Australia's modest designers- Amalina, Baraka and Delina. And from Indonesia- Rumah Ayu, Etu and Pia Miranda. Some exquisite designs with a distinctive Melbourne edge.                                                                

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Guess Who’s Coming to Visit…?

Between an International Arts Symposium, Gala dinner, upcoming Coin exhibition and launch in four days..look who dropped by this morning with a posse of paparazzi...  Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.  He becomes the first PM to visit the museum. And I imagine it's the first Islamic Museum he's seen in this country! Firsts for everyone :)  #milestones #canthisweekgetanybusier #curatorlife     Taking in the 'Australian Muslim History' gallery      admiring the Architecture  gallery 

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