Seeing things in 20/20 as we walk away from 2019, fraught with its bumps & bruises..

•May 2020 see your expectations soar, exceptionally
•May there be clarity in black & white and enjoyment in technicolor
•May curve balls be met head on and annihilated with a click 
•May love, sleep and avocados be yours in healthy supply.

And may any disappointments, heartache and pain you experienced in 2019, be laid to rest.

Above all, may we see an end to injustices afflicting the persecuted including Kashmiris, Muslims in Assam, the Rohingya, Uighurs, Yemenis and more… plus an end to the structural violence of Islamophobia, anti-semitism, anti-black racism, homophobia, endemic corruption, human trafficking, institutional abuse, climate change denial, right wing supremacy, insular and visionless leadership and the exploitation of women and children, globally.

There’s SO much to mend.

As we forge ahead with the mending of ourselves and our planet, I hope love finds and envelopes you along the way with unexpected bliss

#Happy2020 #bighugs
#kissallthebabies #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant