Now for something a little different..
‘Face Up’ is an interactive experience that celebrates Australia’s vibrant democracy and the power of your voice within it. 
This exhibition will be projecting in King’s Hall for the next year or so. Every three months the Museum changes the four ‘provocations’ of democracy. Currently they have ‘Checks and Balances’, ‘Rights and Obligations’, ‘A Fair Go’ and ‘It’s the Vibe’ (a reference to the movie The Castle and the scene about the essence of the Australian Constitution).


The next set to go up will be ‘Rule of Law’, ‘The Common Good’, ‘Free Speech’ and ‘My Voice Matters’. The set after that will be ‘People Power’, ‘Equal Rights’, ‘Free and Fair Elections’, and ‘Leadership and Cooperation’.
Face-Up features prominent Australians past and present, involved in activism and politics, whose faces filter through words. It’s a fun exercise in memory recall naming as many as you can.  
Featured in the letter ‘U’ along with me, are Gillian Triggs, Tim Soutphommasane, Geoffrey Robertson, Rupert Murdoch ?, and a former judge (?). Others you may recognise, include Shanaka Fernando, Waleed Aly, Nazeem Hussain, Germaine Greer, Malcolm Fraser, Pauline Hanson and more….
The premise of Face-Up maintains: Democracy works best if you are engaged and involved- so viewers are encouraged to literally tweet their FACES, while at the museum, into the WORDS before them.  
If you’re in Canberra, head to the #museumofaustraliandemocracy and you too can get your interactive face-up, ON! 
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