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OWeek UNSW -Playing Panel Provacateurs

This afternoon  I participated in a University of New South Wales O-Week event, titled ‘Terrorising Ourselves: A panel on the politicisation and media representation of terrorism!’,  The panellists for the event were: Michael Hing (comedian and host) Sarrah La Marquand , editor , NewsCorps  Dr. Eyal Mayroz , lecturer Conflict Studies, Uni of Sydney  Osman Faruqi - writer, The Guardian, Crikey  Tasneem Chopra, Cross Cultural Consultant  John McCarthy - former diplomat to US, Middle East [...]

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Getting It Write- Media Guide for Good Reason

In Brisbane today, I participated in Griffith University's 'Reporting Islam: best media practices' Roundtable, with various project stakeholders and team members. This project aims to create a learning model by way of an app, booklet and teaching resources. RI's core objective is to ensure fair and accurate reportage about Islam and Muslim issues in Australia for journalists.  Over the next year, this project is expected to execute delivery of these learning resources, overseen by an [...]

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A Lense on Gender: Women in Media

On the set of 'The F-Word' at Channel 31. A robust discussion of media representation of women with co panelists Naomi Chainey, Dana Alexander, Van Badham and Matt Rosner.We managed to cover the disproportionate percentage of females on screen and behind the scenes, cultural hegemony defining the status quo, the white male gaze,as well as the notable exceptions in tv and film that have celebrated strong female protagonists. Did you know:In 2013, women comprised 6% of [...]

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Reactive Fatigue

As media callouts invariably commence, I'm reminded yet again how my appearances have almost always been reactive, following hostile developments locally and abroad. This is frustrating on so many levels. When communities are continually under siege to explain, condemn and disassociate themselves from atrocities they have no link to, there's a tendency to view them only within that paradigm; reactive. In fact we are a diverse, accomplished, strong and capable entity who continue to thrive [...]

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Modelling Justice, UN style

Presented at the UN Model Conference (AMONK) on Saturday 29th November, at Sydney University. Speaking to the topic of 'Progression of Social Justice' via observations from my personal and professional experience. The student body I engaged with were collectively receptive, switched on and passionate about affecting social change, from local to global perspectives; an outcome restoring my faith in GenY. #exhale.

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Islamophobia Forum

Navigating through the crosshairs of stereotypes and solidarity... I spoke last night at a community public forum with ICV's Ghaith Krayem and the Greens Senator Richard DiNatale about 'Terror raids & Manufactured fear: Standing up to Islamophobia'. Evidencing a groundswell of support from grassroots sector- there was shared outrage at the failure of government to protect citizens and their freedoms by tirelessly perpetuating racist laws and language deeming Muslims and Islam as forces to be [...]

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Is the media anti-young and anti-diverse?

  On May 22nd  I had the opportunity to participate in a Multicultural Youth Network Meeting facilitated by the Immigration Museum. Issues of engaging young people with media and diversity acknowledged social media be coordinated more effectively for disseminating news, that capacity building of young media savvy leaders be seriously addressed and that media outlets themselves embrace diverse work practices to increase credibility. These conversations reaffirm the need for communities to maintain sovereign control over [...]

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