On the set of ‘The F-Word’ at Channel 31. A robust discussion of media representation of women with co panelists Naomi Chainey, Dana Alexander, Van Badham and Matt Rosner.

We managed to cover the disproportionate percentage of females on screen and behind the scenes, cultural hegemony defining the status quo, the white male gaze,as well as the notable exceptions in tv and film that have celebrated strong female protagonists. 

Did you know:

In 2013, women comprised 6% of directors working on top grossing films. 

Writers: 10%

In 2012, 18% of Hollywood’s protagonists were women. 

28% of speaking roles went to women 

A study of Australian media in November 2009 found that only 24% of people who were heard, read about or seen in news stories were female. 

In sports stories this figure fell to 1%. 

Of the 24% of females in news stories, 44% were victims of crimes, accidents, war, health problems or discrimination.

A third of the women in speaking roles were styled in sexually provocative ways.

Through we condensed these issues, it was a vibrant conversation. Brilliant observations conveyed articulately and with wit- this episode is absolutely instructive (no bias whatsoever). But it’s true.

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Van, Naomi, Tasneem and Dana

Thank you bottle of grape juice and chocolates – lovely gesture,  F-word crew :))