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Tasneem Chopra’s Australia Day Honour for promoting a diverse, inclusive community

An interview with the Bendigo hometown newspaper. I remember the very first time I wrote a letter to their editor in high school, to complain about the insensitivity and waste of monies being splashed on a bicentennial re-enactmentof the first fleet. Although it was a national issue, the Bendigo Ady printed my letter, and in that moment taught me that even my voice mattered if I believed enough. Thank you Bendigo Ady, for a [...]

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OAM Appreciation

I want to thank all of you who have messaged me from far and wide over the past few days for being awarded an OAM. When I arrived in Bendigo from Kenya (via Alice Springs) at the age of 5, my aspirations were far fetched for a little brown kid missing two front teeth, with a big mouth; I was never a quiet Australian. My tenacious spirit often felt hemmed in at times by small [...]

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Welcome Back Chopra

Was thrilled to enjoy a memorable morning in Bendigo (central Victoria), the country town in which I grew up. Beginning with a breakfast presentation for community leaders about Understanding Islam and Muslims in Australia, I went on to meet some inspiring people and visit old haunts. From antique stores, a shabby chic café, my family home and then finally my primary and secondary schools. I felt blessed and grateful for a beautiful community I grew [...]

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