Coming of Age Exhibition

Today I had the opportunity to participate in an upcoming exhibition for the Immigration Museum, called ‘Coming of Age’. Without giving away too much, it will celebrate stories of identity formation and ‘becoming an adult’ for Victorians from a diverse range of backgrounds. This will be a story-telling feat, writ large and I cannot wait to hear the pathos, passion and poignancy of others sharing their narratives, on their terms, in their voice. Kudos to [...]

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Hello, 2020.

Seeing things in 20/20 as we walk away from 2019, fraught with its bumps & bruises.. •May 2020 see your expectations soar, exceptionally •May there be clarity in black & white and enjoyment in technicolor •May curve balls be met head on and annihilated with a click  •May love, sleep and avocados be yours in healthy supply. And may any disappointments, heartache and pain you experienced in 2019, be laid to rest. Above all, may [...]

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Tonight I attended a ‘Dining4Dignity’ event organised by a group of young Somali Australian women. These entrepreneurial minds are embarking upon a mission to provide medical relief to women enduring Fistula in Somalia. This debilitating condition affects women post-delivery, causing physical as well as mental harm. Sadly, the after affects of this condition result in the trauma of social ostracism which impacts their emotional well being. If left untreated, Fistula is irreparable. Almost 95% of [...]

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ModMarkit hits the Mark

Last nights #modmarkit fashion parade in Melbourne, ticked all the boxes- from concept and content to setup and execution. It was a stellar salute to modest fashion labels/designers across the country, featuring exquisite designs, styles and moods- from the elegant to subversive; a brilliant meld. Congratulations   to all involved, including Zulfiye Tufa, for identifying this niche and bringing it to bear so beautifully. Lastly, massive kudos to the models- showcasing a range of body shapes, [...]

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The Reports Of Sarah & Saleem

Tonight in Sydney's Darling Harbour , I watched ‘The Reports Of Sarah & Saleem’ at the Palestinian Film Festival. The film was an engaging human interest story about an illicit affair, exploring the cultural, personal and political ramifications. My takeaway from this film was the unwavering ferocity of the Palestinian wife, fighting patriarchy, racism and classism in a system designed to silence her voice. The messaging was clear. Such a thought provoking film that centred [...]

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#MeToo must Not Go On

Tonight I enjoyed facilitating the Monthly ‘Game Changers’ event at Victoria University, MetroWest. The theme was ‘The Show Must (not) Go On’ and it invited artists to creatively unpack dimensions of the #MeToo movement in the arts industry, a year on from the issue taking shape globally. Background: “A sinister phase of this #MeToo movement has been identified by the New York Times, coined the “not so fast” era, which indicates the attempted comeback of [...]

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Five Year Ted-iversary 

"Ssshhhh...its in the bag!"Happy TEDx anniversary ??! It's been five years since delivering my TEDxMelbourne talk 'Don't Believe the Hype, Exceed it: The War Against Stereotypes' The message remains. Don’t believe the hype, exceed it. And own your narrative before someone else owns it for you  TEDx talk   #tedxmelbourne #untapped

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Sorry Means You Don’t Do It Again

Tonight I attended the launch of the HRAFF (Human Rights @ Arts Film Festival), screening ‘After the Apology’. The film was preceded with a speech from Indigenous actress and activist, Shareena Clanton, speaking to a very personal connection to International trauma through through the impact of forced removal of her family members as part of the stolen generation.  This presentation segued perfectly into the film screening ‘After the Apology: Sorry Means You Dont Do it [...]

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