I was delighted to participate in a  ‘WOMEN OF THE FUTURE’ NETWORKING EVENT run by Women of Crown Management.

This event examined ‘Who are the Women of the Future?’ bringing  together three of Australian women, led by Andrea Clarke, to discuss the future for women today and tomorrow, whilst exploring the evolving values relevant to the next generation of leaders. 

The aim was to inspire and energise the women of the future and create a supportive global forum for them.

A Panel Discussion and Open Forum Session ensued, involving:

Peta Credlin, Political Advisor, Sky News Contributor, Specialist Columnist 

Tasneem Chopra, Curator, Consultant, Author and prominent activist

Amy Mullins, Director of the Women’s Leadership Institute Australia

Moderator: Andrea Clarke


Each of us has questions about working life and career progression, often ones we’re too afraid to ask. We each have fears that interrupt our progress and hold us back from success, ones we’re often too embarrassed to share. In sharing these questions and fears with each other we’ve learned that we are not alone. 

This event was a forum to ask these questions and share these fears aloud and to hear them debated by inspirational women who have had success in professional life and who are advocates of encouraging and helping other women to experience the same. 

In roles spanning communications and corporate affairs, strategic marketing and product innovation, there were topics resonating with all personnel. 

· Leadership – what is it, what does it look like?

· Innovation – how do we innovate, why is it important, who should innovate?

· Communication Confidence – how do we achieve this, what will it mean for us

This networking event was created by women in business, for women in business, to answer the questions that women in business face. It was  also an opportunity to congregate collectively and share experiences and stories in a safe and productive environment