Why is Islamophobia increasing in Western countries?

Tonight I joined the Al Jazeera News ‘Inside Story’ panel to discuss what is driving the hatred and prejudice against Muslims in Western countries? And is it linked to white supremacy?

My points included: why this tragedy was an inevitable outcome of a discourse in Islamophobia that had found legitimacy in the language of leaders and media pundits in the West; how such violence doesn’t occur in a vacuum, but is the end point of systemic racialised rhetoric; how Anning‘s statement was an egregious act, blaming Muslims for their own murder; and how there was little political currency in highlighting and tackling  white supremacist terrorism to date, because in doing so it held up an uncomfortable mirror to the establishment

Presenter: Hazem Sika


Tasneem Chopra – Chair of the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights

Rodger Shanahan – Research fellow at the Lowy Institute

Matthew Goodwin – Professor at the University of Kent and former member of the UK government’s Anti-Muslim Hatred Working Group