The extent to which injustices are playing out right now in the US reflects the power and class divide intrinsically baked into the historical cake of the USA . It is impossible to ignore the racial disparities in COVID19 victims and those of Police brutalities without seeing where State resources, agendas and power exists and who stands to benefit from the ongoing persecution and marginalisation of minorities, from 1865 onwards.

Decolonising institutions begins with challenging ourselves, our privilege and calling out inequality where we see it with our voice, hand and vote. Don’t just get mad- get busy educating yourself and those in your circle about governments, social order, industry and those who controls the levers of influence.

George Floyd’s brutal murder by Minneapolis police, in a country where the pandemic death toll lfor African Americans is 23% from a community representing 13% of the overall population, is an confronting reality.

The structural racism that enables these injustices to flow should be all of our concern- focusing on the optics of the protests alone without understanding the historical context for their existence is just lazy.

And this is a reality we experience in Australia, too, given this nation was built on the violent dispossession of a land from its Indigenous people. They continue to experience disadvantage on multiple fronts due to embedded racism of a system that seeks to police their agency, voice and fight for self determination. Until #blacklivesmatter, all our lives won’t

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