Whose realities are reflected everyday?

This week’s supermarket magazine isle tile-of-shame reifies a skewed vision of Australian women in the world we live … what do you see? What don’t you see?

A recent report tabled by #mediadiversityaustralia, ‘Who Gets to Tell Australian Stories?’ revealed the overwhelming representation of Anglo Celtic presence across news & current affairs outlets in Australia, from reporters through to top industry executives- the editorial lead of which are comprised of 100% white men.

Critically, the concern with this monocultural white washing (literally) of news stories is that it impacts the content curated, deployed and consumed by a viewing public. When the narrative conveyed is repeatedly drawn from life experiences of a single cohort, from a country where 21% have a non European background, 18% have a European background and 3% are Indigenous- this level of misrepresentation is unacceptable. It is only ever part of the story.

On numerous levels, the media industry has to do better. Current trends do not reflect the communities we live in or indeed the globalised matrix that is Australia in the 21st century.

See link for full report.


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