There is a sweet irony in the recent slew of disgraced Australian MP’s who it turns out have been acting outside of a constitution they purport to represent. Albeit unknowingly. Surely though, the checks and balances they legislate for exist for a reason; bureaucracy is their baby, right? And as citizens, the rest of us are routinely expected to jump hoops to qualify for any government entitlements, from social security, housing as well as citizenship status. I would expect a government job attracting an approximate 200K salary (of our tax dollars) might warrant a tad more scrutiny. And yet..
An even greater irony has been the frustration of those shocked that no such citizenship breach has sullied other members, including, Anne Aly, Ed Husic Husic, Lucy Gichuhi or Doug Cameron – for example. 

Just. Saying.


Even privilege can’t derail that Karma train.