Attended the Ambulance Victoria 2017 18th Annual Community Hero Awards, ‘Ordinary people…Extraordinary actions’.
A beautiful celebration acknowledging local Victorians who have intervened in ways that saved lives, nominated by paramedics attending scenes. These everyday heroes, included 10year old Sophie Matthews and 5 year old James Tonks. Sophie and her then 7 year old sister, Annabel, made the decision to call 000 after they found their father collapsed and having a seizure. Their quick thinking and listening to the 000 call taker, giving them critical information about their dad’s medical history until the paramedics arrived, saved his life. 
Young James’ quick thinking at age 4, saved his grandma’s life when she collapsed off her bike. Running for help, James raised the alarm with neighbours, describing her as “not waking up and her head leaking”. An ambulance was called and subsequently, his grandmother made a full recovery. She told me that although we was too little to read or write numbers, he knew he had to help. She said James was always a special little boy, but now the world knew. ❤️??
As an AV Director, I am always in awe of our amazing team of careers heroes that are the AV workforce. Events like this, however, are a reminder of the exceptional human beings that live in this State, who give of themselves selflessly to help others.  

This is a life affirming moment at a time the world needs some good news.