Following Sen Pauline Hanson’s stunt to appear in Parliament in a burqa today:
As an Australian, woman and Muslim I find Sen Hanson’s desperate attempts to revisit her Islamophobic obsession bordering on psychotic. 

I shared these views in numerous interviews

How can an MP with diminished mental competence be allowed to hold public office?

This level of hate and obsession is pathological. Her theatrics also suggest zero capacity to engage in ACTUAL policy issues. 

Her colleague Sen Roberts is potentially fighting for political survival pending the dual citizenship debacle. Her national security fear mongering is proving moot time and time again. Her One Nation party is being investigated for fraud. 
And her response?
Slap on a burqa and hope we forget. 

Sen. Hanson has literally demonstrated, no amount of clothing can disguise her disgrace.

And as brilliantly states by Lydia Shelly(NSW, Lawyer):
” In a strange and glorious twist of fate, Hanson demonstrated that a woman’s choice of dress does not impede their ability to participate in our Parliament and contribute to the process of democratic decision-making. 
Ms Hanson gave hope to little Hijabis and Niqaabis everywhere. Of course, little Hijabis and Niqaabis already know that.