In the wake of the U.K. referendum on whether or not the UK should exit the EU, results of 52% voting OUT to 48% IN, herald the most backward move of the century. 
In a quest to retain a purist position, this vote driven by xenophobic propaganda has now isolated the UK from a globalised mindset and potential for economic and global growth. Colonial karma comes to mind, as one of histories most infamous colonising nations now reels from the reality of migratory patterns it has enabled. 
Seems the ‘Trump beat’ of white pride has resonance with its conservative colleagues abroad. 
Meanwhile British conservative Jamie Bryson opined this historic vote symbolised that UK was now ‘free from the shackles of slavery’.  I believe what he meant to say was ‘UK was now emancipated from the shackles of political culpability that implicated British law in centuries of colonial rule, mass dispossession and the burden of ever realising any meaningful reparations to those still suffering from imperialism’.
And with Ireland and Scotland  now wanting separation from Britain, they’ve achieved a dis-United Kingdom.