Tonight  I was thrilled to attend the launch of the world’s first Somali-English Dictionary app, by  local entrepreneurial superstar Nadia Fargaab. So very proud of this young woman who continues to trailblaze her way into new artistic and pioneering frontiers. time after time. Some interesting facts about this App that Nadia pioneered in conjunction with the University of Melbourne’s Linguistics department:
–  this is app is modelled on an indigenous language app
– contains 26000 words already
– Somali is known as the language of poets
– Somali comprises more proverbs than any other language on earth
– App set to benefit up to 1.5million peoples of the Somali diaspora globally
– free download
– audio function!
Nadia is living proof of the succesful ventures Muslim women undertake when supported with plaftorms of empowerment.
Kudos and respect to the dream makers.