#NewsTherapy with Raf & Jonathan this evening was all kinds of emotion, from: caller Barry incensed at any critiquing of Trump; the Macron/Trump & Kanye/Trump Twitter explosions; the North & South Korean leaders making a landmark border crossing; hospitality workers irate with unions, FWC and ASIC; concern over the Royal Banking Commission findings ever leading to actual prosecutions; Cosby’s guilty verdict – a watershed moment in the #metoo era or a bad celebrity story?; a New Idea advice column from 1972 imploring wives in abusive marriages not to ‘goad’ their husbands (!)- and, ‘A Handmaids Tale’ season 2 premiere- taking institutionalised misogyny to new and dystopic levels. What A Week. 

More shade than light tonight – but, with all the insight and wit one could hope for betwixt such topics. 

Always a hoot with these two. 

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