Seven years to the day since his detention in Australia’s offshore immigration facilities, @behrouzboochani has finally been granted refugee status by New Zealand. And it was his 37th birthday.

This is a moment of unimaginable relief for Behrouz, who conceded this sense of freedom and security he has waited seven years for is a bitter sweet accolade knowing hundreds of other genuine refugees still linger in detention. This case highlights the myopic asylum seeker policy of this country, against a more progressive one of New Zealand. Once again, NZ demonstrates what true leadership looks like, making the bold and humanitarian decision that centres people’s dignity and right to live in safety, over populism.

Federal refugee policy here continues to represent a political rhetoric concerned only with appeasing a base of insular pundits.

The inability to see compassion as a formidable strength, continues to be this governments greatest weakness. #bringthemhere #endasylumdestitution #endoffshoredetention #endracism #endxenophobia #closemanusandnauru