Today’s launch of the ‘Islamophobia in Australia’ report occurred in Melbourne. This report has been skilfully edited by Dr Deryer Iner, in collaboration with numerous stakeholders including the Islamophobia Register, ISRA, Charles Sturt University, Deakin University, the Diversity Council and others. 
Some damning statistics during the period from 2014-2016 confirmed what many of us know, now available in documented proof that Islamophobia is real, all pervasive and rising.
Brilliantly summarised by Dr Zuleyha Keskin (ISRA):
“Some of the statistics from the #IslamophobiaReport were disheartening and I felt quite down about it. Stats like:
“30% of female victims had their children with them at the time of the reported Islamophobia incident.”
“Nobody intervened in 75% of the incidents.”
“The harassment spots are everyday places (shopping centre,trains etc.) which can lead to normalisation of Islamophobia.”
But then as I looked around the room and saw the attendees who came to the launch, I felt a sense of confidence that we can address this toxic problem together. There were an amazing array of people who contribute so much to wider society…”
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