Super chuffed to have received my copy of “THE NEW COLONIALISM: THE AMERICAN MODEL OF HUMAN RIGHTS” edited by Arzu Merali & Faisal Bodi

Based on IHRC’s conference of the same name, this book presents nine contributions from scholar-activists looking at how human rights as theory and practice have been co-opted by the US as part of a brutal, racist and colonial foreign and domestic policy. This book is a must read for anyone concerned not just with US double-standards but also the adulteration of the ideals of human rights as transformative discourse.

My chapter, ‘Human Rights Out of Sight: The Americanisation of Detainees in Australian Detention’ examines the modelling of Manus Island and Nauru upon the Guantanamo model of offshore detention and the ensuing abuses that have occurred with political immunity.
With papers from Saied R. Ameli, Laurens de Rooij, Mary K. Ryan, Saeed Khan , Tasneem Chopra, Sandew Hira, Ramon Grosfoguel, Rajeesh Kumar and Sohail Daulatzai. “This volume explores the American weaponization of human rights, as a discourse and a system of policies, as it institutionalizes racism, injustice and inequality, through the codification and imposition of Eurocentric frames of power that are, in fact, antithetical to both the principles and promise of human rights, i.e. a new expression of colonialism.”
Saeed Khan, Senior Lecturer, Near East & Asian Studies and Global Studies, Wayne State University.

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