Attended the Research Institute on social cohesion(RIOSC) Forum discussion on ‘Government,academics and community organisations: what are the challenges of working together?’ 

Panelists include :

Prof Gary Bouma, Monash Uni 

Prof Fethi Mansouri, Deakin 

Prod Michele Grossman, Vic uni

Cohesive ,resilience 
Subjects raised include:

Risk, racial discrimination, 

Legislation of bigotry among others. 
The Insularity of academia in owning what is an essentially grassroots lived reality must be dismantled if we are to get meaningful change. 
Navigating though government, academia and community requires authentic reciprocity that does not disempower the communities directly impacted by the decisions made about them. 
To wit, a highlight:

“Communities are not there to be researched. They’re there to be included and conduct the very research that directly impacts them’. Thankyou, Fethi Mansouri, for nailing it.
Also met some serious activist superstars. We were living colour and busting paradigms, even before the forum began 🙂 with my Kenyan comrade  Ruth D’souza (CEH) , Virginie (Deakin) and Ambreen (#amwchr) #livingcolour #makeanoise #makeitloud #endracism #endislamophobia #endbigotry #australianmuslimwomenscentreforhumanrights #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant