The morning after the exhibition before, I exhale and reflect upon ‘Faith Fashion Fusion’, marvelling at a learning curve, exponential as it was exhilarating in curating the Melbourne component of this national exhibition.  I am grateful for the countless brilliant and beautiful women I could enable a voice to on such a broad scale; inspiring entrepreneurs and trailblazers who’ve left an indelible stamp on our cultural landscape.  Grateful also for the generous and visionary team at the Immigration Museum who made Curating this gig an ongoing delight. And by far, I feel blessed for the opportunity to have had this role at all and grow myself in ways I never knew I needed.Massive shoutouts to Lahza Photography, Zahrah Habibullah, Jehad Dabab, Dabab media, Zulfiye Toltu, Toltu Tufa, Gertha Imelda, Syafiqah Khan, Dima G, Nadine Sabbagh,  Shanaaz Jacobs-Copeland, Zarina Copeland, Sherene Hasan, Hanifa Deen, Alia Gabres, Nasya Bahfen, Monique Toohey, Saara Sabbagh, Faten Mohamud,  Azmeena Hussain, Sema Saeed, Zahra Baho Faiza Rehman Karla Abdo Peter Gould Anna Barnes, Catherine Devery, Emily Kocaj, and Padmini Sebastian.  And to every visitor that attended- a massive heartfelt THANKYOU