Tonight I featured in the The Ethic’s Centre’s ‘Intelligence Squared Debate (IQ2)’ at Sydney Town Hall. This debate is scheduled to be screened on ABC , RN and BBC News (no pressure at all !)
Partnering with Mikey Robins, we assumed the ‘against’ position to the topic ‘Political Correctness has Failed Itself’. The ‘For’ team comprised of Australian editor, Chris Kenny and Indigenous Councillor, Jacinta Price. With 8 minutes each we attempted to sway audience voting to our side of the debate following pre polling of this topic which revealed:

Undecided: 31%

For: 47%

Against: 22%

I am pretty chuffed to report that following the debate and Q&A session straight after it, Mikey & I did good. 

The post debate poll revealed:

Undecided: 13%

For: 18%

Against: 69%

Cue: exhale. 
Thank you to my fellow debaters, moderator Simon, Kym from the Ethics Centre and Nick from BBC. This was a fantastic opportunity to debate an issue that impacts nearly all of us, daily. The arguments were robust, witty and controversial. And the energy of the crowd, incredibly uplifting. 
Now to get back to the real world of combatting political incorrectness, minus a podium, spotlight and make-up artist. 
We got this ??