Was Apple-Isle bound to check out the #artsmarty scene in Tasmania today. 
This included a visit to Hobart’s controversial Museum of Old and New Art, MONA.   
I spent some time capturing stills of MONA’s interior and exterior landscape. In summary, the above ground rendering – facade, architectural design, location and construction aspect -was the drawcard. What lay beneath insofar as content, was for me, off the mark. After a while the overwhelming ambience of melancholy resonating in a majority of exhibits, became galling. 
Aside from occasional contemporary works including a live waterfall installation that composed words in droplets, in sync with trending news items (!)and a stunning Sydney Nolan wall decal ‘the snake’, I left wanting for inspiration. 
In addition to visiting MONA, I chanced upon a visit to the Moonah Arts Centre to see how a State of the art community facility was giving platform to local artists. I was fortunate to capture works by local artisan Hanifa McFarlane and view her 3D installation on ‘Paradise’. Later I viewed some exquisite oil paintings by another local artist, Kate Over. 
Was grateful for this afternoon of art exploration which proved a welcome restoration of my senses after the sombre assault of MONA; a smart counter move on my part !
I’m excited for the scope of art coming out of Tasmania. Also thrilled to discover a local brew of fabulous coffee that carries my namesake , ‘Tas Caffe- 100% Goodness’. 
Well, obviously!
A top end to a brief but useful visit. 
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