Enjoyed a rigorous panel discussion at ACU, for the Melbourne launch of the Australian Association of Islamic & Muslim Studies (AAIMS). Discussing the issue of Islamophobia in Australia, my co-panelists Fethi Mansouri, JoshRoose and I, came at this topic from an academic and community sector perspective. 
This included sharing detailed extracts from the Islamophobia in Australia report, discussing the psycho-social impacts on youth and Muslim women in particular and the trajectory of increased racism in this country. 
Suggestions were made for future research topics that interrogate the legitimation of hate from political and conservative faith groups, as well as assessing media bias in shaping public policy. 
A great turnout and support for this newly formed entity, sharing inter varsity support for community lead initiatives – AAIMS is pursuing an angle thats more about relatability than just academicy in its bid to engage community buy-in. 
Look forward to their future initiatives into 2018 
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