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Drumming Up..

Today’s Drum covered Sen. Cash’s abysmal abuse of parliamentary privilege to slut-shame staffers in a bid to avoid her failings as a Minister, new discoveries in the galaxy and why dark matter matters, embedded violence in hazing cultures and sexual assault at colleges and universities, the latest damning data on intimate partner perpetrated violence in Australia - and cloning your pet; yay or nay. #abc @abc_thedrum #makeanoise #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant

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The Path to Justice is paved with Cultural Attention

Attended the launch of 'Path to Justice: Migrant & Refugee Women's Experience of the Courts'- and 'Path to Justice: Aboriginal  & Torres Strait Islander Women's Experience of the Courts'-reports prepared for the Judicial Council of Cultural Diversity. Huge scope highlighted to equip the legal sector with cultural competency in the arbitration of justice.  Catching up with Dr Manjula O'Connor and lawyer, Molina Swarop-Asthana; phenomenal advocates in promoting the dangers of economic abuse via dowry exploitation [...]

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One Billion Still Rising 

Remembering the two year anniversary since my part in the #OneBillionRising global campaign to end violence against women.  Violence in all its forms is unacceptable. Changing language, attitudes, behaviour and perceptions in which women are objectified and dismissed requires a whole of society approach. And men in particular need to drive this change.  By acknowledging the way male privilege fuels a culture that diminishes their role in perpetuating violent behaviours, we all lose.  Teach, model, [...]

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