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‘Crossing Borders’to #LetThemStay

On Wednesday 27th April, I participated in a 'Crossing Borders' panel event before an audience of University of Melbourne students.   Crossing Borders is an international network of students whose mission it is to remove barriers to healthcare for refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants. They run a diverse range of programs and events that all aim to educate and raise awareness of the detrimental effects mandatory detention and offshore policies have on the health [...]

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The Space to Be, is here

Emceeing the #Space2be fundraiser tonight was an absolute thrill. The event attracted a massive crowd raising funds in support of this design hub initiative for refugee and migrant entrepreneurship. The event was peppered with highlights including the moment I made the audience cheer and guest speaker Julian BurnsideQC chuckle at the prospect of a future when some of our former PM's are detained at airports because their names are flagged for Crimes Against Humanity .. [...]

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Populism versus Principle in the Humanitarian stakes

Tonight I was a guest on ABC's The Drum, providing commentary on the Syrian refugee crisis and Australia's government response in the last 24 hours. In summary, the racialised response to a humanitarian crisis was noted, as was the political expediency of proposed TPV's, without regard for the associated trauma these affect to already persecuted people. Let's wait and see what transpires following a compassionate response from Europe that is heartening beyond belief #realtalk #represent [...]

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