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Tasneem Chopra’s Australia Day Honour for promoting a diverse, inclusive community

An interview with the Bendigo hometown newspaper. I remember the very first time I wrote a letter to their editor in high school, to complain about the insensitivity and waste of monies being splashed on a bicentennial re-enactmentof the first fleet. Although it was a national issue, the Bendigo Ady printed my letter, and in that moment taught me that even my voice mattered if I believed enough. Thank you Bendigo Ady, for a [...]

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Ladies As Leaders

This evening had the pleasuring of speaking at the 'Ladies As Leaders' launch - a language and activity group initiative of a group of women in Melbourne's north.  They impressed me as a collective of motivated individuals who'd identified a need, capacity and opportunity to nurture more female leaders in the community. Goals included the need to provide these educated women a place to stimulate broader thinking, experience mother-daughter events, preserve cultural sovereignty, overcome odds [...]

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Malaysian Focus on Faith Down Under

Was chuffed to be interviewed for a Malaysian documentary on Faith Down Under. Shared some candid views about the highs and lows of Cross Cultural consulting, reflecting on the changing status quo of the Migrant experience. Great to network with story producers across borders and thankful to own my narrative  #moversandshakers #walkingthetalk

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Reactive Fatigue

As media callouts invariably commence, I'm reminded yet again how my appearances have almost always been reactive, following hostile developments locally and abroad. This is frustrating on so many levels. When communities are continually under siege to explain, condemn and disassociate themselves from atrocities they have no link to, there's a tendency to view them only within that paradigm; reactive. In fact we are a diverse, accomplished, strong and capable entity who continue to thrive [...]

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Women at the Frontline

At the Australian Muslim Women's Centre for Human Rights, AGM. Celebrating an incredible year of service delivery and outcomes. Chairing this organisation continues to be a privelege, knowing the remarkable gains the team make in affecting meaningful change in the lives of thousands of women over the years, through empowerment. Projects combatting sectarian divide, isolation, racism and domestic violence- to name but a few work areas for AMWCHR.

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Modelling Justice, UN style

Presented at the UN Model Conference (AMONK) on Saturday 29th November, at Sydney University. Speaking to the topic of 'Progression of Social Justice' via observations from my personal and professional experience. The student body I engaged with were collectively receptive, switched on and passionate about affecting social change, from local to global perspectives; an outcome restoring my faith in GenY. #exhale.

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Welcome Back Chopra

Was thrilled to enjoy a memorable morning in Bendigo (central Victoria), the country town in which I grew up. Beginning with a breakfast presentation for community leaders about Understanding Islam and Muslims in Australia, I went on to meet some inspiring people and visit old haunts. From antique stores, a shabby chic café, my family home and then finally my primary and secondary schools. I felt blessed and grateful for a beautiful community I grew [...]

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Far From Home, documentary film debut

I was delighted to be one of 12 Australian Muslims selected for a documentary 'Far From Home'. A Saudi Arabian TV station commissioned NZ filmmaker Lisa Savage to document Muslim diaspora stories of those living in the West. Shot on location in my home, Southbank, Lentil As Anything, the Islamic Museum of Australia and Sydney Road, this proved to be a comfortable opportunity to impart my personal and professional persona including snippets of my fused [...]

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