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Respect Where it Matters

From a recent speaking gig I gave at Salesian College to their upper secondary cohort - on 'The Space In-between'. To the theme of respectful relationships I focused on the role of communication and knowledge of others, understanding difference over tolerance, recognising diversity of experiences - all of which separate respect from disrespect. Thanks to the well being team at this school for promoting initiatives of inclusion. A thoroughly enjoyable opportunity to connect with brilliant [...]

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Change The Date- Invasion Day Truths

Remembering the dispossession of this nations First People. Their genocide, incarceration and the structural racism that continues to plague them due to systems of governance that profit from their exploitation Ruminating on the indigenous dispossession always brings me to tears. I feel an enormous sense of guilt acknowledging my privilege at the expense of their losses.  What this country has done to its custodians is an ongoing crime.  May reparation be theirs in this lifetime. [...]

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