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Coming of Age Exhibition

Today I had the opportunity to participate in an upcoming exhibition for the Immigration Museum, called ‘Coming of Age’. Without giving away too much, it will celebrate stories of identity formation and ‘becoming an adult’ for Victorians from a diverse range of backgrounds. This will be a story-telling feat, writ large and I cannot wait to hear the pathos, passion and poignancy of others sharing their narratives, on their terms, in their voice. Kudos to [...]

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A National Disaster

How to manufacture a catastrophic response to a national crisis.. Nick Feik critiques the dismal leadership that has defined the federal response to our Bushfire disaster. A comprehensive and informative read. See link:

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Australia is Burning

Like most Australians, I’m shaken by the carnage that is bushfires wildly burning across this country. You wonder about the complacency of believing inner suburbia is a safe place to be.. these past weeks have shown it is impossible to be certain about which way the wind blows. I cannot remember feeling such a sense of trepidation while driving on a freeway and seeing the unmistakable sight of smoke permeate the evening sky. Even the [...]

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EXIT, Luka Lesson

Last night Luka Lesson's #MorePoetsthanPoliticians show in Brunswick was a stellar success. To an interactive crowd and epic vibe, Luka launched a number of tracks from his EXIT album, to mad applause. This album fuses poetry and song with deft success; a rapping novelty in a departure from his previous works. As well, the ensemble of support acts was spectacular! From MC L-Fresh, acts Joel McKerrow Nour Abouzeid Stavros to @amalthepoet Amal Kassir - in [...]

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Interview with Radio Australia on February 11th, 2014

conversation with Detroit based photographer,  Langston Hues, discussing the 'Modest Street Fashion' project and the 'Faith Fashion Fusion' exhibition. This interview was broadcast across Asia pacific. Audio Click here to download in MP3

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Tasneem Chopra recognised as AMA’s Woman of the Year for 2013

On Sunday December 1st, the 2013 Australian Muslim Achievement  Awards were announced at the annual awards ceremony. Hosted by Mission of Hope in an effort to recognise 16 individuals and organisations for their tireless efforts in the community, the much-anticipated AMAAs were held in Lidcombe, Sydney. In their eighth year running and sponsored by Fresh Poultry, Human Appeal International Australia and Pharmacy4Less, the awards are instrumental in raising the profile of Australian Muslims, both at [...]

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2013 Australian Muslim Achievement Awards

Tasneem Chopra has been short listed as a finalist in the 'Woman of the Year' category for the 2013 Australian Muslim Achievement Awards, scheduled to take place in Sydney on Sunday, 1st December 2013. For more information about this event, visit the Australian Muslim Achievement Awards' website

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Luka Lesson: ‘The Future Ancients’ Book Launch and Show

On Friday November 1st, Tasneem co-produced the book launch of Melbourne based sensation, Luka Lesson's debut book 'The Future Ancients'. 'The Future Ancients' is a collection of Luka Lesson's best poetry pieces and rap verses. Part poetry collection, part notebook, The Future Ancients includes open spaces for the reader to pen their own lines and QR codes which link through an easy smart phone scan to audio or video recordings of Luka’s performances, giving the [...]

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