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Gala Dinner for Arts Sake

Congratulations to the Islamic Museum Of Australia on a spectacular Gala last night. The work you put it is an asset to the cultural landscape of this country. So many reasons to support this institution - may you grow from strength to strength enriching us through art, history and discovery. Visit them at to pledge your support and see why this place is such a big deal ! And if you haven't visited yet [...]

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Does Art Effect Change?

On Saturday 5th of March the IMA held its inaugural International Islamic Arts Symposium on the topic of 'Does Art Effect Social Change?'. Principally funded by the Council for Arab-Australian Relations (CAAR), this event was two months in the making. Its goal was to showcase the perspective from art practitioners, curators and industry experts on the way their disciplinary field effected social change to wider society. Guest speakers included representatives from the UAE including Mr [...]

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Looking forward to some serious Moderating, Paneling & Poeting at @mocafest_ 2014  | 10th World Islamic Economic Forum  | 28th to 30th October 2014  | Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Including collaborations with Peter Gould,  Zohab Zee Khan Mohammed Langston as well as a plethora of #artysmarty types from across the globe #watchthispace

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IMA Contemporary Australian Muslim Artists Exhibtion

Delighted to attend a launch of the IMA's Contemporary Australian Muslim Artists exhibition tonight. A variety of genres, including: short film, oil paintings, prints, jewellery, mosaic, photography and more; the calibre of works, impeccable. The IMA international photography contest winners were announced, plus some evocative presentations from Fatima Killeen and Fatima Mawas, demonstrating how art and the political expression of resistance can be so creatively conveyed. A showcase piece is the stunning 8ft masterpiece of [...]

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