Brace yourselves ! Tonight’s Drum guests featured Tasneem Chopra, Dr Darren Saunders and Patricia Forsythe, with summer host, Adam Sanders. 
We spoke about prime numbers, cryptography, distributed computing, cancer care and survivorship, role of Govt vs philanthropy, Melb crime and wages growth
My comments per Melb crime and racist invective in dealing with this …

“This Govt has adopted a very conservative approach to the way it views crime. They colour-code. Peter Dutton has singled out entire ethnic communities as if their ethnicity were in part responsible.
I would like to point out for the Minister, it is cheap political point scoring. Crime is not a factor of race, but of socio-economic inequality”
As a consequence of this appearance I experienced a challenging 24hours, in the wake of a troll onslaught that shouldn’t have surprised me. 
Countless racist bigots and rednecks have detailed abusive threats and language towards me via SM, in the name of *patriotism* -and in a manner resembling a pack mentality (hello cyber army)
The irony of this vitriol is that such gang behaviour is being deployed to express their contempt – for gang behaviour.