l was privileged to be invited to deliver a  keynote address at the Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand’s  annual conference. I spoke to this years theme of #SteppingUpAndSteppingOut.

Specifically, I shared my Australian story lessons about obstacles in making social change and the motivation for staying the course. 

A beautiful welcome ceremony, Powhiri, to officiated the #IWCNZ Conference opening. Shivers of splendour for the richness of Maori culture shaping all facets big and small in NZ.

Was blessed to find a warm crowd comprising some serious trailblazers in NZ! Thank you for the opportunity to present – was an absolute honour to meet you fine folk of The Long White Cloud

Following the day long conference, of workshops, breakout sessions and outdoor activities, the evening culminated in a stunning Gala Dinner event.

At the dinner, as a follow up from my Keynote presentation during the day, I participated in a Q and A event. Keeping to the theme of SteppingUpAndStepping Out, I chatted with conference event director, Aliya Danzeisen- about “Things I would tell my 20 year old self”!
My summary responses were; to write more, speak out and travel wide ??

This event linked me to many ladies with an impressive calibre of civic mindedness and  can-do attitude. I’m optimistic that crucial government departments offer urgent support the work of IWCNZ, who continue to undertake vital work assisting women through settlement as well as  overcoming violence, discrimination and isolation. 

Educated, dedicated and generous, the IWCNZ team’s welcoming spirit was a blessing to experience. 

I look forward to seeing where their motivation takes them!

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