I am utterly bereft at the tragedy of Muslims murdered in Christchurch today, at the hands of a maniacal right wing terrorist. There will be more horrific news about this terrorist, his accomplices, their plans, and those politicians that traffic in bigotry as his enablers, as details emerge in ensuing days, none of which will assuage the devastation for family and friends of those slain.

The call to combat White supremacist terror is no longer conjecture – it is front and centre. And I would say to those who deign this to be an inflamed issue, you are either with us or with the White supremacist terrorists. Pick a side and tell us out loud.

For now though, there is only overwhelming commiserations and prayers for our NZ community, whose grief I cannot imagine.

This brutal, calculated massacre is reminder to us of the fragility of life and to tell those you love, you love them


#endracism #endislamophobia #endxenophobia