The Standing Together #1800RESPECT launch was rolled out today in Melbourne. With 16 leaders from across the country speaking to why this initiative mattered- it was a promising sign. Delighted to see Rosie Batty, Jimmy Bartel (ex-Geelong FC), Children’s Commissioner Megan Mitchell, Ahmed Fahour (Aus Post), Georgie Harman (Beyond Blue),Antoinette Braybrook (AFVLS) and others. I was asked to speak to the issue of CALD communities accessing this service-and why their voices should not be silenced in this space, lest we colour code our responses to violence. There is no justification for violence against women and children. The role of the individual, community and state all matter- in tackling this epidemic of abuse manifesting as male violence predominantly. Such inequality transcends cultural, faith and linguistic boundaries. 

Importantly, our government cannot in good conscience argue a moral imperative to protect women and children, in its capacity as a progressive nation- as long we KNOW that women and children continue to linger in offshore detention, thousands of whom are documented victims of incidents of violence. 

Indeed, colour coding our responsibility to ‘protect’ is a double standard. Respect, if genuine, must be given inclusive of all who we know are in danger, and whom we have the capacity to protect. 

To dismiss our government’s culpability in enabling known abuse, undermines the very ethics of this #1800RESPECT 

Congratulations to the #1800RESPECT team leaders who have created a product that we will see rolled out over the next 16 days. 

I urge anyone with concerns for themselves or a friend, to call #1800RESPECT for any and all concerns regarding family violence. #endviolenceagainstwomen #respect #enddomesticviolenceandsexualassault #makeanoise #makeitloud #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant