‪As workplaces pivot towards new ways of working and operating, it is high time we pivot from entrenched cultural roadblocks, made clear in the wake of the #BLM movement impacting the world. ‬

‪In a climate of increasing awareness of racial injustices occupying our news feeds and day to day lives, the reality of who holds privilege in the work place and who does not has become an unavoidable and vital conversation to be had.‬
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‪Myself and Joy Adan (Content Developer, Comms) well shed light on this topic providing professional and anecdotal evidence that centre responsibility for social change with those who are least likely to want to make it. Being comfortable with the uncomfortable truth of new thinking is yet another way organisations must pivot in 2020 and beyond in order to stay relevant, progressive and woke.‬
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‪The gains to be made from enacting more inclusive measures at work that are respectful and educative, are proven to enhance employee well-being as well as company productivity. A culturally safe workplace needs to no longer be aspirational, but essential. ‬

‪Understanding what this means and how it looks is one step in a trajectory towards shifting to a place we need to be that is both ethically and fiscally prudent.‬