Today as a Board Director, I’ve had the privilege to partake in an @ambulancevic MICA Paramedic shift, with a view to appreciate the requirements of a Paramedic ‘on the beat’. To say that these professionals are heroes is an understatement. I’ve been assigned to Shane, a qualified MICA Paramedic and am blown away by the sheer breadth of his life saving competence , the equipment he’s trained to use and the calming manner in which he attends callouts. 

During my ‘MICA Paramedic Observer’ shift today with Shane, I witnessed this country’s first Mobile Stroke Unit attend a call out to an elderly woman experiencing neurological disorders. 
Within minutes of a call from dispatch, we arrived, followed shortly by an ALS ambulance, and then the MSU- in which a neurologist examined the patient and then had a CT scan performed on site, before she was transferred to the Melbourne Hospital!
The coordination of these professionals in assessing and treating this patient with such a high level of compassion and care, was incredible to behold. 
The teamwork is evident. The standard of care, second to none. I was in awe of the life saving efficiency of their intervention and wish to acknowledge #AmbulanceVictoria for the heroic work they perform, due to the coordination logistics of call takers, team managers and paramedics. 

Shane himself , is a fountain of knowledge, stories and SKILL – and is an example of why #AmbulanceVictoria is a world class organisation of patient care excellence. The commitment to best practice and state-of-the-art technology provided by AV, means optimum health outcomes for all Victorians. 

So proud of our everyday heroes. So proud be a part of AV 

So proud to be a Victorian ✅✅✅ #ambulancevictoria #emergencyservices #firstrespnders #directortales #tasneemchopra #heroes #everydayheroes