Took a break from the weather and media mayhem to indulge in the goodness that is the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Along with a full house, we sat back to hear ‘Sammy J’ in ‘Hero Complex’, expound his childhood obsession with The Phantom, in tandem with a distant demagoguery of Duncan Munro- the school cleaner turned ASIO officer. The way SJ brilliantly meshed these seemingly disparate threads into an unlikely – but true- tale of ‘cosmic coincidence’was sheer genius. A gifted storyteller, SJ brought poignancy, politics, love, tragedy and hilarity into this show, from start to 90 minute finish. 

His genius of song and comedic wit was impressive. And to my delight, ‘Hero Complex’  delivered a closure, which  would rival  the stuff of Hollywood. 

All up- the perfect escape.