Tonight’s 774 ABC Melbourne’s News Therapy with Jo Lauder (JJJ, Hack) and Drive host, Warwick Long, covered major news stories for this week, from the tragic to the ridiculous.
By far, the issue dominating airwaves was the brutal murder of 21 year old Palestinian student, Aiia Maasarwe, in Bundoora two days ago. The fact this tragedy bookended a week beginning with a Gilette ad campaign for men to do better in calling out toxic masculinity and violent behaviour, was harrowingly clear. That too many MRA (aka bro-flake) types found the ad a problematic infringement on their right to be ‘men’, evidenced just why this campaign has merit.
Other stories canvassed, included: the reluctance of state governments to legalise pill testing; the federal government’s fake fish news stories; Facebook’s ten year challenge; novel, ‘The Overstory’; the Instagram world record of 48 million likes (and counting) for an Egg; and, an iconic image of Trump proudly overseeing a table laden with hundreds of burgers & fries for an official White House function, resembling a metaphor for his base: unhealthy, unimaginative and easy to buy.
You’re welcome.
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