Today I facilitated a Symposium for the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) 2018 Conference. My session was ‘NSW Reforms for Outcomes’, attracting attendees from across government and NGO’s working in this industry.

Headlined by the NSW FACS Minister Pru Goward, this Panel explored the proposed reforms occurring in Family & Community services, across areas of OOHC, homelessness, child protection and family violence. Other speakers included sector leaders, Tahn OBrien (Their Futures Matter’), Kate Alexander (frameworks) and Deirdre Mulkerin (commissioning). Of note, these ambitious reforms intended to improve wellbeing for families and children most at risk, by centring culture, language and group supervision at the core of structural change in NSW- adopting a more proactive than reactive response in dealing with communities that has been historically flawed and forensic in nature.